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Tathkarti.com (means "My ticket" in Arabic) is a football (soccer) tickets search engine, and a place for football live scores, results, and fixtures.

Tathkarti started originally as a football (soccer) tickets search engine in May 2010. Football has large fan base, and big games always sell out quickly. This makes ticket resellers fans' last resort. Now there are many football ticket reselling sites, and finding the right ticket at best price is not an easy job. This is where we come in and try to left that burden off you, by bringing you ticket prices from different sites in one place to compare and chose from.

We have been serving ticket prices for almost two years now. Ticket prices are updated at least once a day. We convert all ticket prices to Euros, and the conversion rates are updated on a daily basis as well. While exchange rate during the day might vary a little, there shouldn't be major difference in the price. We get out exchange rates from exchangerate-api.com , An open API service for currency exchange rates.

But that's not all we have. Tathkarti is branching and starting to cover football live scores, results, and fixtures as well, with a lot more on the way. So keep your eyes peeled.

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